Revamping Outdoor Deck Lighting For Alternative Energy Sources

Even though outdoor deck lighting can be easily installed and preinstalled into your property, you may want to make sure that you are using the most energy efficient deck lights possible to save you money. You can easily lower your chances of having fires by changing your light bulbs to cool low voltage bulbs and LED lights. You can also help to save the Earth by focusing on using alternative energy sources like solar deck lights. The most common alternative energy source for deck lighting is through solar power.

Solar powered outdoor deck lighting is always a great choice for both your wallet and the Earth. Deck lights powered through solar energy will always have charging power as long as there is sunlight during the day. These options also have chargeable batteries which can hold a charge for te whole night because they are attached to LED lights that are bright without using large amounts of energy. You can easily rearrange solar deck lights however you please, as they do not need to be stuck to the wiring scheme that most deck lighting plans have.

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This allows you to play with your setup so that you can perfect your deck or patio lighting as well as being able to change your mind in the future if you change your mind.

Powerful outdoor deck lighting bulbs will often consume large amounts of electricity and create extreme amounts of heat that may cause fires when flammable materials dry near the light sources. If you are unable to afford solar powered deck lighting options, converting your bulbs to low voltage deck lighting as well as lower watt bulbs could help save on your energy bill while still providing adequate lighting to prevent unsafe visible conditions of poorly lit decks, porches and patios. You can save hundreds of dollars on your energy bill yearly, especially if you leave the deck lights on all night until you turn them off the next day.

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Another way to save on outdoor deck lighting is by connecting a timer for your deck lighting. There are many different timer controllers available that have a clock that can be programmed to have deck lights turned on only during certain hours of the day. This is especially useful if you want to save on energy costs by not leaving your deck lights on all night, only when you will be using them the most. Even if you need light during hours where the light timer is off, you can easily override the control switch with a master switch that tells the light to be on regardless of the timer.

If you are unable to install timers for your outdoor deck lighting, you can get a light sensitive switch that only turns your lights on when a certain amount of light is detected. Such systems allow your energy consumption for your deck lights to be only used during dark hours. This is similar to solar powered lights equiped with light sensors, but is still connected directly to your home power.

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