Decreasing Energy Consumption with Low Voltage Deck Lighting

Low voltage deck lighting is a more recent advent for those who enjoy deck lighting for their homes. This is made possible by new types of deck lighting fixtures and special bulbs designed to consume less energy. There are both conventional style light bulbs designed to go into the same fixture as well as CFL light bulbs that consume less energy by using a different gas to create light. There are also LED options that use hardly any energy, which are a little more expensive in light bulb form, but last much longer and cost less in the long run. This is the main reason why solar deck lights use LED technology. Saving money is certainly possible, and is a great benefit to using lower voltage deck lighting options.

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Having low voltage deck lighting can easily lower your energy bill by hundreds of dollars every year. Even those who have many deck lights sequenced around the deck or patio area to have better illuminated walkways and viewing of obstructions or obstacles can save much more than they are paying now without them.

The rule to follow is your available budget and your view on Earth harming energy consumption that causes global warming and unnecessary burning of fossil fuels. Many people will want to have extra money on hand by using low voltage deck lights or even solar deck lights.

There is no trick to accurately getting the best low voltage deck lighting. The only thing you should follow is your lighting needs for your deck, porch or patio. If you need more lights, consider low voltage options that are not as bright. They cost less and increase efficiency in your series arrangement. If you need an easy to install outdoor deck lighting solution you can go for solar deck lights. If you just need to convert your lights to low voltage, you will also have to check all of your fixtures and cables to see if they are suitable for holding low voltage currents without causing damages to your lights or deck. You will also have to calcultate the size of your low voltage transformers. You should consult professional installers if you are unable to determine these things for yourself. You do not wish to harm yourself by causing a fire or electrocution! An easier solution for you may be to use solar deck lights which doesn't require any electricity or cabling.

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Even though low voltage deck lighting is recommended for overall efficiency in the home, this option is not always available to everyone. In this case, using timers or having a light schedule is recommended to help reduce unnecessary energy consumption when you are not using your deck lighting. Taking steps to preventing energy waste not only saves you money, but can help keep the Earth healthier longer. Many people leave their deck lights on all night for better security and peace of mind. This can become a major energy waste, especially when there are many more energy efficient options available.

Low voltage deck lighting is an option that should certainly considered by homeowners who would like to reduce their monthly bill considerably. Over time, many homeowners will save thousands of dollars on energy consumption by changing over to lower voltage lighting options for their home and deck/patio. Why wouldn’t someone want to save money on things they use most often? This cannot be answered by anyone but the homeowner that is willingly spending money by using inefficient light sources to light up their patio or deck.

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